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OG Lab is founded is 2014 by Pieter van der Brug as a direct result of years of living in off-grid situations. I noticed that off-grid solutions are quite often not up to the task because the limitations are not understood, the system is ill-designed or the expectations were not realistic (reflected in the 'Living Off-Grid' page).

Currently OG Lab offers ideas for various off-grid products and is looking for investors or partners to realise these ideas.


OG Lab focusses on bringing intelligence to Off Grid solutions. This can be found in all aspects of OG products: power generating, power storage and power usage. The bases of integrating intelligence is research, the method is software.

20 years embedded software expertise has enabled me to integrate 8 years off-grid experience into products that deal with real-life conditions.


Those who are interested will find background information on power generation, batteries, regulators and inverters on the page 'Technology'.

On the page 'OG Street Lights' you will find detailed information regarding the OG Lab street light.

On the page 'Living Off-Grid' I share some thoughts about the practical and financial aspects of living off the (electric) Grid.


Pieter van der Brug
E-mail: pieter@vanderbrug.net