(mobile) Tiny houses

Building on location

Unique in my approach is that I build on location. This saves on transport costs and enables the contruction of mobile houses that would otherwise be very expensive to transport due to its size (especially width!)

Various building methods

Every project is a custom design, optimised for customer wishes and local building materials. The chassis can be wood or steel, but the entire structure is used to achieve maximum strength and stiffness using technique from my naval engineering background. This way the (single) axis in my mobile homes can be positioned at one end of the tiny house, enabling a very low floor that provides easy access to the interior.

Yachtbuilding experience enables me to build very light, but usually this is not required nor desired. The standard construction consists of 15 or 18mm plywood interior walls, 75 mm insulation covered by a waterproof/vapour-regulating sheeting and finally exterior panelling. The floor is sandwich plywood, 10-20 cm thick. The Rc value for walls, floor, roof and glass (HR++) is in the range 2,5 - 3,5.

Custum build and costs

Custum building is my speciality. I can do this at low cost because I do not have overhead but do have flexibilty in where I live and when I work. Furthermore I have a very wide range of experience, enabling me to do everything myself. That includes welding a chassis but also installing the electric system according to NEN 1010 spec. Another reason for my low cost is that I work only part of the year, which ensures low tax overhead.

The overall costs also depend on the building materials which are specified or available. For every project an offer is made in advance, specifying material cost, travel and transport costs and labour cost.

Overall cost indication:

'Schaeferwagen' (4,2 x 2,1 meter; see 'Kreta') build on location starting at 10.000 euro incl VAT

Mobile office (9 x 3 meter) starting at 15.000 euro excl VAT.

Mobile chalet (7 x 4 meter) starting at 20.000 euro incl VAT.

Contact me for an offer on your project!


Pieter van der Brug
E-mail: pieter@vanderbrug.net
Tel: +31 617 033520