Covid-19 information

Measures to prevent contamination between houseguests and personel

Check-in will be at the villa where the check-in manager will meet the guests but will keep at least 1.5 meter distance.

Intermediate cleaning of the villa (e.g. on a weekly basis) is only done on request of the guest. Condition is that the guests will not be present during the cleaning.

During cleaning of the villa the cleaning staff will wear a facemask and gloves, both of which will be disposed after the cleaning.

Staff that experience symptoms of covid-19 infection will be sent home immediately.

Measures to prevent contamination from previous guests of the villa

All laundry is gathered in plastic bags before transport to the laundry service.

All clean bedlinen and towels will be stored in closed (locked) spaces to prevent contamination. All laundry, whether seemingly used or not, which is not behind locked doors will be sent to the laundry service (and washed at > 70°)

Matras covers are taken off, and sent to the laundry. Matrasses will be sprayed with disinfectant and turned.

All surfaces are cleaned with an appropriate desinfectant.

All objects that are frequently touched (doorknobs, controls, remotes etc.) are desinfected with special care. Objects that cannot be properly desinfected are removed or wrapped in plastic covers.

Action plan for suspected covid-19 infection of a house guest

The guests are required to report any suspicion of covid-19 infection immediately to the check-in manager. All people staying at the villa will be asked to place themselves under self-quarantine until the possible infection is investigated.

The first step in investigating the possibility of covid-19 infection is to contact the dedicated physician, which for us is the Spili Health Centre (+30 28320.22222). The physician determines the next steps (test, (self)quarantine, treatment)

If the guests are asked to self-quarantine the check-in manager will, on request, deliver necessary groceries on the doorstep of the villa

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