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Welcome to Agia Fotia Taverna!
Here you will find information about the taverna and the rooms for rent. We hope you enjoy our new website!

Vicki and Stavros

The history of our taverna...

Agia Fotia is short for Agia Fotini (named after the quaint old church near the taverna). This pictoresque taverna (passed down from generation to generation) was once storage houses for carob, a nutricious treat given to children instead of chocolate many years ago. Once the carob was collected it was transported to Kissandrou Port using donkeys. Locals would place wooden planks from the shore to the ship to load up the carob cargo and ship it off to various places in Greece as well as Italy. Kissandrou Port (Agia Fotini Beach) was small and simple but of great importance to the locals. Over the years development of asphalt roads lead to locals using vehicles to transport the carob to the required destination.

As a result, Kissandrou Port was no longer needed.
By the 1960s Vaggeli and Evgenia, the owner's parents had turned one of the storage houses into a small cafenio offering Greek coffe and local drinks such as sour cherrycordial and of course raki to anyone stumbling across this amazing coastline. It wasn't long before Greeks and visitors became aware of this place so Vaggeli and Evgenia started loading up their donkey once again but this time with supplies for the cafenio. They offered local soft drinks, peanuts and whatever Evgenia had cooked for the family, such as rabbit stifado.

As there was no electricity, drinks were placed in the sea to keep them cool and water was collected from the nearby stream. Local fruit and vegetables were served as there was a small but well-looked after vegetable patch at the back of the taverna. Simplicity is what made this place unique!

This is why the Perakis family try to keep the atmosphere alive by creating that feeling of something special from the 60s.